Custom Programming

Both Inventor and Fusion 360 are powerful CAD systems, but by necessity, they’re designed to a be a “one size fit’s all” solution. Very few of us exactly fit that one size and can use additional functionality in our workflows. That’s where custom programming can be a huge benefit.  Creating small utilities and large applications automates difficult and frequent tasks to help you increase productivity and reduce errors.

I can help you determine where customization might be beneficial and what is feasible. I can help at any level you would like from helping you with the programming to my handling the entire project from start to finish. Doing the programming yourself can be beneficial because then you can maintain and enhance your program at any time in the future without relying on someone else, but it is a huge learning curve and having an expert on hand to help with the initial design, architecture, and coding can reduce the time and frustration needed to create the desired program.

Let’s talk about your ideas and needs and see what makes the most sense in your case.

API Training

API Training

Being able to write your own programs to customize Inventor and Fusion 360 is great skill to add to your skill set. By understanding how to write your own programs, you can quickly create little utilities as-needed and can maintain and continue to enhance your larger programs without requiring external help.

However, getting started can be intimidating and takes a lot of effort. You first need to have a knowledge of the tools used to write programs and then a knowledge of the Inventor or Fusion 360 programming interfaces. Sifting through all the information at the beginning is difficult when you aren’t even sure of the questions you should be asking to find the correct answers. Taking a formal class can jump start your future as a developer, where you’ll walk through the tools and the areas of the API that will be needed to accomplish the tasks you would like to do.

Classes can be taught at your site with an individual or an entire team. Or training can be done online, but still in an interactive environment. Contact me and we can discuss what might work the best for you.

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