Autodesk University 2018

Another year at Autodesk University. This year I presented two classes; the first class was on B-Rep and geometry for Inventor and Fusion 360 and the second class was on creating add-ins for Inventor. My favorite part of attending the conference is the chance to meet many of you. Here’s a picture from the add-in

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Getting Offline Access to the Fusion 360 API Help

The help system for Fusion 360 was recently temporarily offline and as a result many of you saw the 404 message displayed above. For those of you using the API, you know how critical access to the help system is. When I was responsible for creating the Fusion 360 API help, the help system that

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Inventor Add-Ins in Visual Studio 2017

A few weeks ago I started a new add-in and ran into a couple of problems.  The issue is that I’m using Visual Studio 2017 and Inventor 2019. Missing Add-In Template The first problem is that when you install the Developer Tools that are part of the Inventor SDK, it checks to see which version(s) of Visual

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Setting Colors in Fusion 360 Using Appearances

There was a recent question on the Fusion 360 Customization forum about using an RGB value to set the color of a body.  Fusion 360 only allows you to assign an appearance to a body, occurrence, or face.  You can’t just assign an RGB value but you can assign an appearance that is the color

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Selecting Multiple entities using Pick in Inventor

I saw a question on the Inventor Customization forum that I thought I knew the answer to, but after a quick test found that it wasn’t what I thought it was.  They were having a problem with using the CommandManager.Pick method in a loop to select multiple entities.  It worked ok unless the user pressed

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Getting Thread Information in Inventor and Apprentice

If you need to write a program that accesses threads in a model, the first thought it to get the thread information from the feature that created the thread.  Threads can be created by adding a tapped hole or using the thread feature.  This approach works but requires you to write two paths of code

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Sub-Additive Manufacturing

I thought of a technique for creating interesting shaped wooden models a few years ago but didn’t have the equipment to be able to test it.  It was just recently that I gained access to equipment that would let me try it out. I’m calling the technique “Sub-additive Manufacturing”. It combines some of the ideas

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Bookcase with Fusion 360 and Shaper Origin

Some of you may know that I’ve been writing the Shaper Utilities app that allows you to export Fusion 360 designs to be used with the new Shaper Origin router. For those of you not familiar with the Shaper Origin router, it’s a new handheld CNC router that is unique in the power tool marketplace.

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Using Temporary B-Rep in Fusion 360

In the December 2017 update of Fusion 360, a capability referred to as “Temporary B-Rep” was added to the API.  This is one of those features that when you first see it you might say, “why would I ever use that?”.  It is a feature that’s not used very often but when you do need

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Creating Equation Curves in Fusion 360

Unlike Inventor, Fusion 360 doesn’t support the ability to create a spline based on an equation.  However, using the Fusion 360 API you can create close approximations of equation curves.  You do this by creating a spline through a series of points.  You write code that uses the equation to define the X, Y, and Z

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ReCap and Shaper Origin Boat Design

I wanted to share a recent experimental project I did that incorporated some technology that was new to me. My brother-in-law, who lives in Gig Harbor, Washington, owns a share of the 48-foot yacht shown above. It was configured with two bunks in the forward storeroom but the top bunk was too high to make it

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Welcome to my new blog and new company. I no longer work for Autodesk and have decided to try something that I’ve wanted and considered for several years now; that’s working for myself and helping you make Inventor and Fusion 360 work better. I’ve always enjoyed using modeling and programming to solve problems but now I

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