Autodesk University 2018

Another year at Autodesk University. This year I presented two classes; the first class was on B-Rep and geometry for Inventor and Fusion 360 and the second class was on creating add-ins for Inventor. My favorite part of attending the conference is the chance to meet many of you. Here’s a picture from the add-in class a few minutes before we got started.

For those of you unfamiliar with Autodesk University, it’s Autodesk’s annual user conference. They now hold several of them each year all around the world, but the big one is the week before Thanksgiving in Las Vegas. This year it was held in the Sands Conference Center, which is attached to the Venetian. I didn’t hear specific numbers but there were well over 10,000 in attendance.  There were over 700 different classes offered covering most all of Autodesk’s software and anything remotely related. It officially goes from Tuesday morning to Thursday evening but there was a Forge conference on Monday so for many of us it got started early on Monday.

Many of the classes are set up to be recorded so that the sound and whatever is currently being displayed on the screen in the room is captured. So even if you aren’t able to attend you can still get much of the material. In addition to the live presentation it’s also expected that the presenter will create a paper that goes along with the class.  The presenter can also provide other additional material like sample files and programs. These are all available on the AU website, although as of the time of my writing this post only a few of the videos have been posted but over time the other will also be posted. I believe both of my classes were recorded.  The links to my classes on the AU website are here:

       Creating Add-Ins for Inventor

       Understanding Geometry and B-Rep in Inventor and Fusion 360

But to keep everything together in one location and in a place that I can update if needed, here are links to download the content from my classes. There are links to the papers and the add-in template for the add-in class and the sample programs for the B-Rep and Geometry class. I got a bit carried away with the paper on creating add-ins and it ended up being a small book so I went ahead and added an index.

AU 2018 – Creating Inventor Add-Ins (Paper)

Nifty Inventor Add-In Template

AU 2018 – B-Rep and Geometry in Inventor and Fusion 360 (Paper)

AU 2018 – B-Rep and Geometry in Inventor and Fusion 360 (Sample Files)

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