Autodesk University 2019

Another year of Autodesk University is just finishing up and I’m realizing I should have taken at least one picture for the header of this post so I’m borrowing one from Autodesk. It was great to see some familiar faces and to meet some new ones. This year I taught one class on automating the creation of Inventor drawings. The AU website will have the material along with a video of the presentation. In the meantime, I want to post the paper and samples here. The download below contains a PDF, which is the paper for the class and some sample programs that are described in the paper.

I decided to try something different this year and each of the programs is written as a VB.NET EXE program. Within each program folder is a ReadMe.txt with a short description of what the sample is and how to run it. There are existing EXE’s in the Bin folders that can be run as-is, although some won’t work on your system because of hard-coded paths in the program. Even if you don’t have Visual Studio, you can still view the code. Just go the “Examples\Program\SampleName” folder for the sample and look for the Form1.vb file. You can open this up in any text editor and view the code.  Hopefully some of you find this information useful.


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